What is BTV ?

BTV stands for Build Time Architecture View, which captures the structural and behavioral properties that are apparent only at system build time.

Why BTV ?

Many systems, such GCC and PERL, exhibit non-trivial properties at build time, such as multiple passes of compilation and automatic source code generation. But these properties are not explicitly considered by either Kruchten's "4+1" or Hofmeister's "four views" models. We suggest to use a new architecture view, Build Time View(BTV), to capture those interesting properties throughout complex system buildings.

(4+1)++ View Model

Kruchten's 4+1 view model could be enhanced to isolate BTV from development view. The main purpose of BTV is to represent how components in development view are transformed into components that will be deployed in the execution environment. The following figure shows the relationship between build time views and the other kinds of architectural views.

Figure (4+1)++ view model