Open Source C++ Fact Extractor
CPPX is a free, open source, general purpose parser and fact extractor for C++. It relies on the preprocessing, parsing, and semantic analysis of GNU g++, and produces a graph according to the Datrix fact model, in either GXL, TA, or VCG format, suitable for use by architecture recovery, data flow analysis, pointer analysis, program slicing, query techniques, source code visualization, object recovery, restructuring, refactoring, remodularization, and the like.
W h a t   i s   C P P X ?
What is "parsing and fact extraction"? What can extracted facts be used for?
G e t   C P P X
Download CPPX binaries for Linux, Solaris. Download the source code.
W h a t   i s   G X L ?
How facts are represented and exchanged between tools. Standards for software interchange. The GXL project.
W h a t ' s   t h e   D a t r i x   s c h e m a ?
How information about a C++ program is represented schematically. Bell Canada's Datrix project. Schemas for the Datrix model. 
W o r k i n g   P a p e r s
History of CPPX. Project working papers and documents. Old CPPX web site.
E x a m p l e s
Example C++ sources and the results of translation by CPPX
J o i n   t h e   p r o j e c t   o r   t h e   u s e r s '   g r o u p
Submit a bug, or fix a bug, or add a feature. View current bugs and deficiencies. CPPX is open-source free software, and needs volunteers.
L i n k s
Related sites. Research papers. Related documents.
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