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About SWAG Kit

SWAG Kit is a toolkit developed by the Software Architecture Group at the University of Waterloo, that can be used to extract, abstract and explore software architectures. Currently Swagkit supports the extraction of C/C++ code, the abstraction to the architectural level and the presentation in a landscape form. Swagkit has been used to visualize the Linux operating system the VIM editor, a variety of Unix shells (Bash, C shell, and others) as well as other software. Swagkit currently runs under x86 Linux. A port to Solaris is possible, but not currently available.

Swagkit has been designed as a pipeline, in which new filters can easily be added to support alternative design recovery activities. The base filters are geared towards architectural visualization but new filters are currently under development to allow for type analysis, code coverage, visualization of evolution, and other applications.

Some parts of SWAG Kit are written in Java and require a working Java Virtual Machine.

Download SWAG Kit

The latest version of SWAG Kit is 3.03b for x86 Linux. Older versions are also available, but you should always use the latest version because it contains the newest updates and bug fixes.

SWAG Kit v3.03 swagkit_linux86_bin_v3.03b.tar.gz (12Mb) (January 12, 2005)
SWAG Kit v3.0 swagkit_linux86_bin_v3.0.tar.gz (12Mb) (January 21st, 2003)
SWAG Kit v2.1.1 swagkit_linux86_bin_v2.1.1.tar.gz (33Mb) (September 27th, 2002)
SWAG Kit v2.1 swagkit_linux86_bin_v2.1.tar.gz (33Mb) (September 20th, 2002)

Installation instructions

To install and run Swagkit on your Linux machine follow the steps bellow:

  • Download the latest version;
  • tar -xvzf swagkit_linux86_bin_vX.Y.tar.gz
  • set the environment variable $SWAGKIT_PATH to the root of the swagkit;
  • add $SWAGKIT_PATH/bin to your execution path.

See the instructions page for instructions on how to use the SWAG Kit.

Contact information

For more information on Swagkit please contact us at .