About SWAG

The Software Architecture Group at the University of Waterloo (SWAG) has been at the forefront of software architecture and software engineering research in Canada since its inception. Founded as a collaboration between researchers at the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto, the lab is now primarily based at Waterloo university. Its members currently include three professors and fifteen graduate students. See our people page for more details.

Members of SWAG have developed or co-developed some of the most robust and best-known tools in software architecture research, including Portable Bookshelf (PBS) and CPPX software analysis toolkits, Grok relational calculator, LSEdit graph visualizer, and many others. See our tools page for an up-to-date listing of the tools currently available, or use the sidebar links to jump directly to the tool that interests you.

Primary research interests of the SWAG members are software architecture and its evolution through time, methods and applications of reverse engineering as applied to software, and development of fact extraction, analysis and visualization tools. Lately, we have pursued new research directions in the field of software engineering, including analysis and classification of cloned code, layering models and software quality prediction. See the research page for more details.

Our group is actively involved in industrial research through collaborations with many industrial partners such as IBM, Nortel Networks, Sun Microsystems and CA.

Conference related material can be found here.