ASXO Description

This program takes a list of object files, and for each object file emits the disassembler output as seen and parsed by asx when presented with these same files.

If only one object file is specified output is to stdout. When multiple object files are specified output is to the named input object with the suffix ".asxo" appended to this name.


Extraction and disassembly is achieved by using bfd, which invokes backend software to manage the differences between machine architectures. Object files on swag are represented using the Elf standard (pdf), with some sections within this standard internally encoded using the Dwalf standard (pdf).

Developed by

  • Ian Davis.


  • swag:~ijdavis/src/asxo -- source code
  • swag:~ijdavis/bin/asxo -- executable

Supported platforms

  • Linux


  • Subject to change.. still under development.