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The Software Architecture Group at University of Waterloo (SWAG) does a significant amount of work in collaboration with the Consortium for Software Engineering Research (CSER). The projects on which SWAG and CSER collaborate are Rapid Assisted Migration Project (RAMP) and the Migration, Evolution and Transformation of Software research project (MET). Brief descriptions and links to more information on the projects can be found below


The RAMP project concentrates on program migration. The technical objectives include developing approaches to meet the demands for rapid migration, speed of delivery, performance and the "ilities" (portability, scalability, and other nonfunctional system properties). This involves studying the means of understanding and transforming target software assets by means of fully or partially automated techniques. It also includes studying the means of evaluating target software for its suitability for evolution towards the identified new platform.

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The MET project aims to understand how software systems change over time, and strives to leverage that knowledge to automate, semi-automate or at least simplify various tasks that software developers perform regularly. A significant amount of research has been conducted in the scope of the MET project, documented by a number of academic papers and the completion of a Master's thesis.

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