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The Java Classfile disassember

Javap2 pretty prints the contents of a java class file.

Download Javap2

The latest builds of Javap2 are available below. While effort has been made to test Javap2, the software may contain bugs.

Javap2 1.0.3 (windows) [javap2-1.0.3.zip]
Javap2 1.0.2 (windows) [javap2-1.0.2.zip] [javap2.exe]
Javap2 1.0.1 source [javap2-1.0.1.zip]
Javap2 1.0.0 (ELF i686-i386 GNU/Linux 2.2.5) [javap2.exe]
Javap2 1.0.0 (Windows) [javap2.exe]

Javap2 is being constantly developed and improved; check back often for newer versions.


This program disassembles java class files.


javap2 [-d/emangle] [-v/erbose] [-t/ables] [-c] classfile*


If demangle '-d' is specified then all typing information is presented in its demangled form. This option is recommended since it significantly improves the readability of the output.

If verbose '-v' is specified then all java pcode instructions are annotated with their behaviour. This option is recommended as an aid to comprehending the precise behaviour of each pcode instruction.

The '-t' option requests that the output includes a dump of the line number table, and the local variable table, in addition to all other details output. Neither of these tables is essential for interpreting the output, and so are not by default shown. This option was added in version 1.0.2.

The option -c can can be used to determine the version number of this product and the date and time compiled.


The output is reasonably self explanatory. The line numbers shown for the code sections output are the source code line number justifying the displayed code (if known) followed by the pcode line numbers used by branch instructions, etc. Source code line number may require compilation of the java source code using the '-g' option, so that suitable symbolic information is emitted to the resulting class file.

See also:

javex, asx, lsedit.

Developed by

  • Ian Davis.


  • swag:~ijdavis/src/javap -- source code

Supported platforms

  • Linux using the i386 instruction set
  • Windows using the i386 instruction set


  • Subject to change.. still under development.


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