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The latest builds of JGrok are available below. It is recommended that you use the latest available version of JGrok, and only if you encounter problems with this version, revert to earlier versions. While effort has been made to test JGrok, the software may contain bugs.

The JAR files merely contain the Java class executables. The ZIP files contain both the Java source files and the class executables. Currently some version of Internet Explorer seems pretty determined to save JAR files with either an RGS or a ZIP extension, instead of the extension the file actually has. This is for reasons best know to Internet Explorer. To correct this behaviour if it occurs, change the file extension back to ".jar" before saving the file.

JGrok 1.0.7 jgrok-1.0.7.zip
JGrok 1.0.6 jgrok-1.0.6.zip jgrok-1.0.6.jar
JGrok 1.0.5 jgrok-1.0.5.zip jgrok-1.0.5.jar
JGrok 1.0.4 jgrok-1.0.4.zip
JGrok 1.0.3 jgrok-1.0.3.zip jgrok-1.0.3.jar
JGrok 1.0.2 jgrok-1.0.2.zip
QL/JGrok ql_only.tar.gz
QL/JGrok source jgrok-2006-07-12.tar


$ tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz
to extract. See below for detailed installation instructions.


GrokDoc is a documentation project for Grok and JGrok languages, which you may find useful as a reference. GrokDoc is currently under development and is being continuously updated.