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Below you will find annotated links to web sites that cover topics related to research performed at SWAG.

GXL GXL (Graph eXchange Language) is an XML sublanguage designed to be a standard exchange format for graphs. It is understood by some of the tools developed at SWAG.
Rigi Rigi is an interactive, visual tool for understanding and re-documenting software. It is similar to many tools developed by SWAG. Rigi's file format (RSF - Rigi Standard Format) is used extensively by SWAG tools, and has been extended into TA (Tuple-Attribute language).
Chisel Computer-Human Interaction and Software Engineering lab (CHISEL) is a multidisciplinary software research lab at the University of Victoria. It developed and currently maintains SHriMP, a graph visualization tool which is in many ways similar to LSEdit.
KBRE Knowledge-Based Reverse Engineering is a research project headed by Dr. Timothy Lethbridge at the University of Ottawa. As part of that project, a reverse engineering tool TkSee has been developed.