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This tool can be used either in conjunction with lsedit or as a standalone program to show call paths from the mainline to specified functions.

To use with lsedit set up the invocation to mainpath as a command, complete with reference to the appropriate TA file, and use the macro capability to present the name of the function of interest as the second parameter to mainpath.

Download Mainpath

The latest C++ source for Mainpath are available below. It is recommended that you use the latest available version of Mainpath, and only if you encounter problems with this version, revert to earlier versions. While effort has been made to test Mainpath extensively, the software may contain bugs.

Mainpath 1.0.0 [mainpath-1.0.0.zip]


mainpath TAfile [function]*


This program takes as its first parameter the name of the TA file to be examined, followed by the names of functions whose path from the mainline are to be shown.

Contact information

For more information on Mainpath please contact us at .