Built-in commands

Command categories

[see alphabetical listing]


  • , help: print command usage and (sometimes) description.
  • flist: list all built-in functions.
  • name: return the name of the argument.


File access:

  • getta: load a TA (Tuple-Attribute Language) database.
  • getmysql: load from MySql tables.
  • getGXLload a GXL (Graph Exchange Language) database.
  • getdb: load an RSF database.
  • getcsv: read comma separated input.
  • read: read a fact base from disk, attempting to guess the format.
  • putta: write factbase in memory to a TA (Tuple-Attribute Langauge) file.
  • putdb: write factbase in memory to an RSF (Rigi Standard Format) file.
  • appenddb: add factbase in memory to an existing RSF (Rigi Standard Format) file on disk.

Factbase information and manipulation:

  • delset: delete entries from factbase or relation.
  • list: list names of all sets and relations in factbase.
  • setnames: list names of all sets in factbase.
  • relnames: list names of all relations in factbase.
  • reset: destroy factbase currently in memory.
  • quit: quit.

Entity information and manipulation:

  • closure: compute the closure of an edge set.
  • delete: remove a variable from the factbase.
  • eset: return an empty relation.
  • set: return an empty set.
  • rand: return a random subset of a set or relation.
  • grep: return a subset of a set or relation based on a regular expression.
  • indegree: compute fan-in of a relation.
  • outdegree: compute fan-out of a relation.
  • sort:sort a set or a relation.
  • replace: perform a regexp-based replacement on a set or relation.
  • ID: returns ID relation for all entities in the Factbase.

Math and Statistics:

  • avg: compute avg of a set.
  • ln: compute natural logarithm of a number.
  • log: compute base-10 logarithm of a number.
  • max: return largest member in a set.
  • maxf: return largest member in a set.
  • maxi: return largest member in a set.
  • median: return the median of a set.
  • min: return the smallest member in a set.
  • minf: return the smallest member in a set.
  • mini: return the smallest member in a set.
  • pow: computes the power of a number.
  • sqrt: computes the square root of a number.
  • stdev: computes the standard deviation of a set.
  • sum: return the sum of numbers in a set.

Dates and Times:

Interactive landscape exploration:

  • echo: turn command echoing on or off.
  • show: print information about an entity.
  • showedge: explore a compound edge between entities.
  • showpath: show all possible paths between entities.
  • showtree: show the containment structure of a landscape.


Alphabetical listing

[see listing by command category]

A: aliases   appenddb  avg 
B: basket 
C: closure  concept 
D: dateTime  dateTimeAs  delete  delset  diff  dircontain 
E: echo  entropy  eset 
F: flist  form 
G: getcsv  getGXL  getdb  getta  grep 
H: help 
I: ID  indegree 
L: lattice  list  ln  localof  log 
M: max  maxf  maxi  median  min  minf  mini 
N: name  normalize  numbering 
O: outdegree 
P: parse  partition  pause  pick  pow  putdb  putta 
Q: quit 
R: rand  reach  read  relnames  replace  replaceid  reset  return 
S: set  setnames  sgcount  show  showedge  showpath  showtree  sort  source  sqrt  stdev  sum 
T: timing  trace  tt  tt2  type 
U: unbasket  unclosure  use 
W: writeDot