Portable Bookshelf Distributions

Please note the following tools are not up-to-date. Please refer to SWAGKit for an updated grok, layoutplus, and lsedit.

Listed below are a number of distributions for the PBS toolkit, which are used for creating Software Landscapes and Bookshelves. The documentation for the Toolkit is available here. Many of the tools don't need to be executed directly, however, the documentation for some of the major "behind the scenes" tools is available here.

Your first choice for download should be a full PBS toolkit. There are also distributions for the individual tools, which are useful for updates.

In the cases of cfx, fbgen, lslayout and lsadjust, the source distribution will give you the source C program for the tool along with a "make" file to compile the tool. In the case of grok, which is written in Object Oriented Turing, you can only download a binary executable file. In the case of lsedit, which is written in Java, you can download the Java classes bytecode.

Please note that these tools are at the "research level", created to demonstrate concepts; we make no promises about their practicality in your particular situation.

Instructions for unpacking source or UNIX binary distributions:

Binary distributions create and unpack into the directory: pbs
Source distributions create and unpack into the directory: pbs_src


Instructions for unpacking WIN32 binary distributions:


Using PBS:

In the directory you unzip PBS will be the directory pbs, which contains the PBS distribution (binaries, scripts, and data files).

Creating a bookshelf requires these three steps:

See the README in the directory pbs for information specific to a particular release.

PBS Full Toolkit Binary Distributions

These are the full toolkit distributions which include all binaries, scripts, java classes, and examples. Each distribution is for a particular target machine platform.

Coming soon: Distribution for AIX

PBS Individual Tool Distributions


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